Chronic Back Pain and Cannabis 

There is a new peer-reviewed kind of study that discovered that the use of marijuana is a big part of lowering the opioid use for chronic back pain. 

Chronic Back Pain Vs. Cannabis Use 

There is research that studied over 186 different people over 9 months, and during this, they tracked the amount of morphine used for most of these patients, and they also looked at pain, along with the disability scores, and the like. For opioid use, about 39% of the patients who used cannabis did end up quitting this, and the decrease ended up hitting about 27% in most cases. 

Sa for the ODI scores, it was also found that about 29% of people didn’t have as much pain, and about 28% of them didn’t have the frequency of back pain as they used to. Some of them even noticed that the intensity of the back pain was much less, with about 24% of them also noticing that it wasn’t as bad for them. 

The study utilized a single-route administration means for almost half of the patients, and about 38% of them ended up using two routes for cannabis use.  About 14% of them used three different ways to administer cannabis, and less than 1% of them used more than four ways for them to consume cannabis. The most common of course, were vapes and tinctures. The most popular was vaped oil, and the least popular ended up being vaped flower. 

The conclusion 

The conclusion was found that through this, a lot of people who have chronic back pain don’t need to rely on opioids and also prescriptions that are highly addictive if you just decide to use medical cannabis. 

These opioids and other prescriptions can be quite addictive, but not just that, it also has a variety of different side effects, and for those who have back pain, they may end up taking a lot. But what’s cool is that the medical cannabis did help with the reduction of opioids use and prescriptions, and this of course, helped with the baseline opioid use levels lowering, and a much higher chance of stopping this fully. 

Some patients also discovered that their pain scores along with functions were a lot better, and through multiple ways of administration, it became much more effective at reducing the use of opioids. It does work for a variety of other issues, and for a lot of people with back problems, they can benefit from this. 

What this Means? 

While back pain may not go away completely, it does help make a difference between it being unbearable and maybe a dull ache here and there. 

A lot of medical cannabis users also do benefit from the effects of this, and the side effects are a lot less compared to of course the opioid usage that would otherwise be there. With a lot of people looking for alternatives to medication, there are some that work better than others. For a lot of people who are tired of using prescriptions, this could be the benefit that you’re looking for. 

A lot of people don’t realize that this is something that, for a lot of people, can be beneficial, and in a lot of cases, it can help you with improving your life, and everything in it. A lot of people are turning to this as an alternative to health issues, and it may be the benefit that you’ve been looking for, not just for the short-term relief of back pain, but also long-term benefits that come with this as well, along with other benefits. 

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