Is Delta-8 Safe 

For a lot of people, they are worried about impurities that are found in certain items, one of them being delta-8, which has a variety of gummies, items that help with the ingestion of this, and also vapes too. 

It does offer mild euphoria when compared to delta 9 and is pretty much naturally synthesized from the hemp plant, with the reaction causing a higher amount of delta-8, and also small cannabinoids within this. There isn’t a bunch of information on this one, and there isn’t a full identification of the impurities that are there. 

There is also a lot of people utilizing this though, and there aren’t any restrictions on the age of the people who can buy this. Supposedly, it’s a bit milder, due to being an isomer of the delta-9 form of THC. The crazy for this happened when there wsa too much CBD in the markets, causing the CBD market to completely plummet, with a lot of people looking for alternatives, trying to find something that’s profitable.  

This then caused CBD to become delta-8, with the results targeting the same customers that they tried for CBD, those who were stressed, needed something that would help with anxiety, and also something that you’d be able to get even if cannabis products like marijuana weren’t available everywhere.

But due to the lack of lab testing and regulations, a lot of products that are sold like delta-8 products are not, and a lot of them only contain a small amount of other cannabinoids. Some even contain delta-9 in them too. Some of them also contain chemicals that aren’t normally found in cannabis, and there isn’t much known about the impurities of this too. 

The safety concerns 

There are some people who are concerned about the safety of this, and some people are worried that since there is no specific outline of the products, people can’t figure out what they are. With new techniques though such as chronographic methods such as mass spectromy and UV detection, there are a lot of products that have been labeled to be delta-8 and were tested. However, there’s so many fakes out there that most of them aren’t actually delta 8 products. The problem though, is that a lot of times, people just see what’s on the box. 

There is also some concerns that there are also products that are labeled delta 8, but are really just delta 10, another compound with little known results from it, but some people do feel good about this. 

However, the problem in this is not the isomers, but what we don’t know in this.  There are a lot of people who use this for a variety of benefits, and it can help with some reactions, but the problem is, there are some other effects that we may not know currently. 

Because of the conversion of this unitizing heptane and toluene as well, the reaction can sometimes take about 90 or so minutes. However, there are some strong acids that are in there, and it can sometimes cause people to have a variety of reactions. The problem as well, is that these compounds may be more acidic, and they’re not testing for this. It is a possibility that the delta-8 is basically leftovers, and a lot of times, they’re not fully distilled. 

While it’s still on the market, this is something that should definitely be treated with some mindfulness, as there is still a lot that we don’t know about this, and a lot that could possibly be a problem for users who decide to use this, and the benefits of such that may occur as well.  

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