Can Marijuana Help with Muscle Spasms 

A lot of cannabis parts have helped to reduce or get rid of muscle discomfort, including spasticity and cramps. Due to research on MS, this has become a way for a lot of the community to treat muscle spasms from MS. With a lot of debilitating problems, this has helped with degenerative spinal conditions, which causes the nerves to be inflamed and trapped within the spinal cord, and they end up misfiring, creating neuropathic pain and muscle spasms. This is a qualifying condition for medical cannabis though. 

How does it help with muscle spasms? Read on to learn a bit about this, and why people are using this. 

The Cause 

The cause of this is due to what’s called involuntary hypertonicity, and it affects pretty much anyone of all sorts of demographics. This can cause drams and spasms, and usually, they’re fixed with hydration and rest. Ut for some people, they may have prolonged cramps and twitches, and it causes injuries to your spinal cord, different degrative issues including Huntington’s disease and dystonia, along with a bunch of other diseases that impact the nervous system. 

The conditions eventually cause tightness and stiffness within the muscles, and this can cause a lot of severe problems. 

How cannabis can help 

A big part of marijuana that a lot of people love about it, is that it helps with treating a number of different conditions, including MS and muscle spasms.  This of course, is based on the ability documented to reduce the inflammatory responses that cause muscle spasms. 

Due to a study from the university of south Carolina, they found that THC binds to the receptors called the endocannabinoid receptors, and this is a big part of inflammatory response. The reduced amount of the proteins that are there do help to suppress the response of the spasms in the body, and it helps with neuroinflammation too. 

With a lot of people, they’re starting to utilize cannabinoids that are directly extracted from the marijuana plant to help with this. It can help with neuropathy in those who have MS, along with ameliorate spasticity, which is common in those with the condition. Some of the drugs that include this are Sativex, and Marinol, both of which are approved drugs in various countries. 

Some other kinds of studies found that nabilone, which is another compound that’s made from the cannabis plant, helps with the pain, on the same level as a smoked joint. There are more studies than ever before, and for those that deal with spasticity, they ended up improving their spasms by about 20% or so. 

Marijuana and Muscle Recovery 

It also helps with the recovery of muscles, especially in athletes and those who deal with muscle aches along with spasms. It can help with the recovery of your muscles in general, and also helps with overall pain that you have in your body and the muscles there.With more and more athletes using this because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, it helps with improving the strength of your muscles, and helps to tear down, and produce new muscle. This of course, does result in some tissues also reducing their pain responses too, and also does help with the oxidative stress, reducing this and also reducing the damage that’s there. A lot of athletes use this, and for those who deal with pain, spasms, and need help with muscle recovery, this is soon becoming one of the top ways to handle this condition in the body, and it’s a great way to improve your life as well for you too. 

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