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You may have heard of different strains before when discussing medical cannabis, including indica, sativa, along with hybrid. While a medical doctor will tell you about the right product for your needs, you may wonder just why it works. Here are some of the different strains that you can have as a medical cannabis consumers. 

What is a Strain 

There are strains of different cannabis and other products that are utilizing these strains. Most of these dispensaries have different strains on their menu. A member of the staff can also help you figure out the correct choices for your products, but if you don’t know what kind of strain you can have, you won’t be able to have the best results for your needs. 

There are also differences in different parts of the strain, such as THC and CBD types of concentrations. 

For those of us that are new, THC is a compound that is psychoactive, and it can help with pain, improving your mood, and other benefits. CBD of course, is the second most common type of ingredient within the plant, and it helps with a ton of issues, especially inflammatory concerns. 

This can definitely help a consumer choose, since it can help them figure out what they need, based on both THC and CBD options. 

Different Strain Types

Cannabis comes in three common strains that you can utilize to get a bunch of benefits. 

You may get options such as crossbred plants to create new strains with new traits to it. 

The first is indica, which is from the Hindu Kush plant located in India. This is one that is relaxing, helps with anxiety, and it’s a good one for winding down after a long day. Grandaddy purple is one of the most common strains that is indica. 

Then there is sativa, which is helping with stress along with fatigue, and it also can help with boosting creativity while elevating the mood, giving you more energy too. Sour diesel is but one of the many types, but there are a lot of great sativa strains out there. 

Then there is hybrid, which is a combo of both sativa and indica that offers balanced levels of CBD along with THC to treat various problems. One of the most common is pineapple express, and you might be able to get this at the dispensary that you’re near as well. 

Remember though, that despite the strain being mentioned as a sativa or an indica, it may not affect you the same way as another person. Some people may be prescribed sativa for their anxiety, rather than indica. Some people may also feel like sativa strains are not energizing, but instead calming. 

There are also the terpenes that play a part in this too. Myrcene for example, is one of them that does help with the calming feelings, and it definitely has a more calming result from this as well. 

The best way to go about this is to talk to the doctor and choose the best strain for the problems at hand. 

Just like with your other meds, the right strain is something that does take a bit of time and a little bit of work to totally figure out, which is why a lot of people do go to a dispensary, and ask for help before they make a decision, as it can play a role in the overall effects of everything and finding the correct dosage can be a major challenge for a lot of people who are looking for something that will best fit the needs.